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A complete wuss, a pushover, someone who is overly emotional. Prone to wearing banana suits...
I cannot believe that dbag became upset over that....
What a weiss...
by thechicynic February 07, 2008
A sexual act to whip cream titty fuck a mans genitals.
Sarah weissed that guy for 3 hours.
by Sylvester Mclane February 18, 2008
Noun: Anything and everything you want it to be. Can mean somethings as Marijuana, Food, Clothes.
Adjective: Something very gay or bad. Something that you would make fun of.
This word can also be used as a greeting, parting phrase or a thank you
Person 1: Yo did you pick up that Weiss from the gas station?
Person 2: No that cashier was being Weiss and didnt let me buy it, Ill call you back in 5 minutes.
Person 1: Arite, Weiss
Person 2: John Weiss
by $amson May 02, 2007
kevin schmidt's killer
yo, remember when weiss killed kevin schmidt.
by dgwai May 23, 2003

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