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the ratio of a girls weight compared to the size of her breasts.
that bitch weighs 3 bills but she's barely an a-cup. that chicks weight to tit ratio is wack.
#weight to tit ratio #weight #tits #ratio #boobs #fattys #fat #phatteez
by Byll September 11, 2009
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The weight to tit ratio relates the bra and pant size of a woman to their fuckability. It is derived from the concept that large breasted women are more likely to be fat asses than small breasted women. However, men are willing to take a small amount of fat if it means bigger tits, to an extent. The weight to tit ratio helps men decide if the tits are worth the fat. The exact definition is:


Where T=Tit Size, W=Weight, F=Fuckability.
Guy 1: "Damn Look at that chicks tits!"
Guy 2: "Dude she's at least 650 pounds. Terrible weight to tit ratio."
Guy 1: "Yeah, but she has double Z tits so her fuckablility is a 7.
Guy 2: "No you forgot to square the weight. It's actually 0"
#boobs #tits #fuckability #fat #weight #fuck #sex #fat ass #ovaries
by wiggly22 November 14, 2009
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