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Acronym for Raging Erectile Disfunction. More than 10 million men in America suffer from RED. Typical symptoms of RED include but are not limited to: getting raging boners for no reason; constantly having a raging boner; not being able to make your boner go away. Men with RED are not allowed to enjoy many aspects of life such as wearing sweat pants and peeing standing up. Argaiv is the leading drug to treat and control RED. Side effects of Argaiv include nausea, blood clotting, and gayness. Adults with high blood pressure should consult a doctor before taking Argaive.
RED is the number one cause of eyes being poked out in the world.

Fred: "Jesus Jon you have a raging boner"
Jon: "I have RED leave I can't help it!"
by wiggly22 November 15, 2009
The weight to tit ratio relates the bra and pant size of a woman to their fuckability. It is derived from the concept that large breasted women are more likely to be fat asses than small breasted women. However, men are willing to take a small amount of fat if it means bigger tits, to an extent. The weight to tit ratio helps men decide if the tits are worth the fat. The exact definition is:


Where T=Tit Size, W=Weight, F=Fuckability.
Guy 1: "Damn Look at that chicks tits!"
Guy 2: "Dude she's at least 650 pounds. Terrible weight to tit ratio."
Guy 1: "Yeah, but she has double Z tits so her fuckablility is a 7.
Guy 2: "No you forgot to square the weight. It's actually 0"
by wiggly22 November 14, 2009
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