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Blunt rebuttal to (almost) any arguement or statement. Proper use of the word can instantly kill off even the most enthusiastic and considered theory or insult.
1. Oli: The differences between so-called races are so small as to be negligible.
Leigh: Wehhh

2. Dino: You're one fat fuck
Leigh: Wehhh
by Jingo7 October 01, 2011
An expression that suggests deflating in disappointment, or complaining in annoyance.
Amanda: You're going to have to clean that up.
Marcus: Weh.

Amanda: No, you can't have that.
Marcus: Why?! Wehhhhhhhhhh
by beef&bacon June 06, 2011
A word of endless possibilities that can replace ANY other words of importance, or any words of non-inportance. Can also be used as an expression of interest or one of disgust. The last few syllables are usually said with a quiker tone than the first.
1) Yeah............weh!
2) I would tap that weh!
3) Yeah dont stop, i like that weh!
by Rooos May 18, 2005
Larcombeism: a word that transcends all meaning, and which can replace any word one is too lazy to say.

Plural: "weh weh" indicates excitement
Mooting tomorrow? Weh!
How are you feeling? Weh!
Check out that lady! Weh weh!
by Larcombe's Guide to Legal Talk September 28, 2011
(Origin: Northern Beaches, Sydney dialect - Balgowlah Boys High)
(Pronounced: like "where" but of a shorter/quicker announciation)

Using sarcasm to lead-on, fool or denounce something..

(Believed to have been first spoken in the early 2000's and can be used in almost any sentence in the English language)
1. "I passed my English exam.. weh!"
(the addition of the word "weh" alters the meaning of the statement and reveals that the antagonist actually failed his English exam)

2. "I have had sex with her.. weh!"
(again, alters the meaning to 'the antagonist has never had sex with the girl in question')
by TrueAussieDictionary May 18, 2009
Some actors find it hard to do a convincing French accent, and this is never more apparent than when attempting vowel sounds, in particular the French word for yes: 'Oui'.

Most commonly, the actor will pronounce the word 'Weh!!', accentuating their mistake with a particularly breathy delivery.
Steve: "So, you're new in town?"

Claudette: "Weh!!"
by The Surface February 05, 2012
People who say weh are very lethargic and tend to act as if they were in a constant state of food coma. The word weh can be used to mock a person. Most often weh is used as mocking voice spoken in a part mumbling and part high pitch tone. Commonly, people who say weh tend to be fat and lazy

Weh can be used as a discreet mumbling refusal as well.

EX. Mother "Can you take out the trash Jon?

Jon "Weh" (no)
Hop in the baby Blue Weh
by Notorious P.I.G June 29, 2010
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