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The word weh weh, is used for agreeing or disagreeing with someone. It is also used to end a sentence or to begin a sentence. Another way to use "weh weh" is to say it after your sentence and pretend you are joking but you really aren't. Or you can use it to say you would like to rail that girl.

The number one way to use it is when something great happens "weh weh motha fuck!"
Bob: Hey man do you wanna grab so brewskies?

Carl: weh weh my man!

Ex 2: susan: You wanna get dinner?

Zack: Hell no weh weh!

Ex3: Damn your sister is hot weh weh, i would love to weh weh all over her.

Ex4: I wanna weh weh your mother!

Ex5: (GHS BASEBALL) Game winning walk off by orts.


by the weh weh mobile March 31, 2009

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