An alternative band, formed in 1992, that is famous for its "geek rock" attitude. The lyrics are dripping with not only wit but also emotion, and the sound sometimes features a harmonica, with influences such as KISS, Nirvana, and the Pixies, with an added flair of musical brilliance. Is said to be the influence on many newer bands such as Hellogoodbye, Motion City Soundtrack, and Taking Back Sunday. More recently the band is famous for the song "Beverly Hills" being plastered all over MTV, but a few other famous songs of Weezer are Buddy Holly, The Sweater Song (Undone), Perfect Situation and Island in the Sun.

Weezer has produced 5 albums:
Weezer (Blue Album) 1994
Pinkerton 1996
Weezer (Green Album) 2001
Maladroit 2002
Make Believe 2005
And 3 EPS:
The Good Life
The Lion and the Witch
Winter Weezerland

other suggested songs are:
Say it Ain't So
In the Garage
The World has Turned and Left me Here
Pink Triangle
Tired of Sex
The Good Life
Knock-Down Drag-Out
Hash Pipe
El Scorcho
Keep Fishing
Fall Together
We are All on Drugs
This is Such a Pity
The Damage in Your Heart
Weezer refuses to be the norm band that sells-out and sucks up limelight 24/7 to be mainstream. They keep music real, kids.
by Leen17 June 17, 2007
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A band so awesome that they can sing about cheese and make it sound cool.
On the scale of awesomeness, Weezer is super great.
by dot August 14, 2003
1. good band
2. kid with asthma
" I love to listen to weezer"
"Hey, get weezer's inhaler."
by whscubana November 25, 2003
An awesome band that got accused of trying to be "emo", because the lead singer wears thick rimmed glasses and writes melody based rock with often sad, emotional lyrics. They're not emo, and people who accuse them of trying to be are lame.
Weezer will probably go down in history for its single, "Buddy Holly", and the very well-edited splice-work video that went along with it.
by Alex January 25, 2004
The greatest rock band of the past 10 years. Period. They are basically defined by their anti-rockstar status. They are losers, and admit it in many of their songs. Their best release had to be the blue album which is followed chronologically by all their other releases (Pinkerton, Green and Maladriot).
Weezer is awesome, listen to any song they have ever written.
Check out:
Jamie (a song about their old lawyer)
The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (amazing harmonies)
Only in Dreams (kick ass bass line)
by anti-hero November 03, 2004
Very good rock band. Lead singer/ lead guitarist- rivers cuomo, guitarist- brian bell, bassist (current)-scott shriner, and drummer- pat wilson
Recomended songs:

tired of sex
only in dreams
pink triangle
falling for u
across the see
say it aint so
el scorcho
by Bert November 04, 2003
1. Nerds in consert
2. The best band ever
3. Nerd rock
4. Nerd/dork Utopia
I went to a weezer consert and bowed-down to the nerd gods.
by Andrew March 07, 2005
weezer is fabulous
by lou June 14, 2003

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