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1. good band
2. kid with asthma
" I love to listen to weezer"
"Hey, get weezer's inhaler."
by whscubana November 25, 2003
a word used to express feelings of tiredness, boredom, or frusteration.
bah. I have a boring life AND I can't open a can with a conventional can opener.
by whscubana November 25, 2003
a word that pretty much means whatever, usually associated with the negative. It conveys frusteration, confusion, or is sometimes in defeat. And sometimes it just feels right.
"Blarg. I give up." or "Blarg. ! have no life." Never to be used like this: "Like,oh my gawd, I mean, blarg gurl, he was toally hott."
by whscubana November 25, 2003
a word i virtually use to describe anything.
The amount of money David Beckham makes playing football is sick.
by whscubana November 25, 2003
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