Extra skin on the elbow even skinny people have.
my buddy and i are thinking of getting our weenises pierced.
by DroBlowin July 19, 2006
a person who is obsessed with someone or something.
Nick Hiene is a serious video game weenis.
by dudeman October 23, 2003
exclamitory; when you are excited!
we won we won WEENIS! pronounced WEE-NEZ
by Rachel September 10, 2003
A weenis is a term used to to describe a person whose personality is similar to that of a penis. Common traits of a weenis include nasal voice, interest in dorky phenomena, social awkwardness, and low levels of confidence.
Ryan Accetta always talks about how we should be 'drinking beer' in order to sound cool, but he's a huge dork who never actually drinks and has a dumb girlfriend. What a weenis!
by Mr. Weenis December 03, 2006
(N): The slang term for a ver small penis. (Roots from: Wee and Penis)
I dumped my boyfriend because he had a weenis
by Rachel May 17, 2004
plural form of the word "weenis"

an elbow
Look at Joe's weeni.. they are so pointy!
by Josh May 18, 2004
The plural form of weenus. To be used when refering to both your left and right weenus.
"ow, dude, i totally scraped my weeni when i fell yesterday..."
by The Colt August 26, 2009
The Weenis is a small appendage located in the underside of the wrist near the bundle of veins that leads to the palm of the hand. The Weenis is an appendage of the body that is unique. It can only be located through intense study or through the knowledge of a Weenis scholar or master. The Weenis appears once the palm of the hand is facing the sky, the wrist is bent downward, and the heel of the wrist is prodded in such a manner as to provoke the Weenis to pertrude.
Sean was taking a peek at his Weenis during his history class when the girl to his left dared him to lick it. Which he did with a passion.
by Halfdane May 10, 2004

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