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Patchy facial hair, excessive wearing of over-sized sweaters/hoodies, unkempt hair, owns weird quilts and a stegasauraus love oil burner, perhaps looks younger than true age. Often paired with "shy" in descriptions; potential.
"Some girly out there must be needy for a weedy, shy guy."- Flight of the Conchords
by Chicago, not New York October 15, 2007
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Another name for small amounts of Marijuanas. Like, small little nuggies, weed babies.... Hence, Weedies. Weed Pot Marijuana
by Jenn,Jo and Avi February 02, 2006
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1. Small amount of weed.

2. Friends that like to smoke weed with you.
1. My friends found some weedies in the bottom of his backpack so we smoked them.

2. My weedies and I are going back to my place to smoke.
by Tres Winstead April 21, 2010
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stupid person who smokes pot in a school bathroom and get caught
Dude did u hear that Rdawg got caught with those weedys and has to go through all this poop????
by Sarah Cupcake October 21, 2007
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