the act of smoking pot/weed/reefer/ganja/mary jane/marijuana/buddha etc.
"Oh, last night me and Fed were weeding. Dude, we got soo smacked!!!"
by Mina Lee May 02, 2005
Top Definition
plucking the hairs from your girl's vagina, especially while high
A: Thanks for weeding me last night.
B: Wait, I weeded you? I thought those were twizzlers.
by Blafucock February 28, 2011
1. A gathering amongst friends/family/peers/
acquaintances to smoke marijauna.
2. A sesh
hey man, are you finna make it to the weeding?
by Hella Ripped September 16, 2007
1. A gathering amongst people (whether it be friends, family, peers, or just acquaintances) to smoke marijuana.
2. A sesh
hey t-dub, u gunna make it to the weeding tonight?
by Hella Ripped September 09, 2007
To read a book while high on weed.
Julia: Hey, you wanna come out with us tonight?

Kim: Nah. I think I'm just gonna smoke a bowl tonight and catching up on my weeding.
by Origilingo June 12, 2009
is the process of being caught extracting unwanted plants from your green house where marijuana is grown, while smoking weed at the same time.
Dude 1: And then I went around the house and found Brian "weeding" in his greenhouse bro
by 33beegees May 08, 2013
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