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A couple who is legally married, but seperated. However, they still live together, share in childrearing and household chores. They have other romantic relationships and for the most part, are roommates.
Going out on Friday sounds great, but I have to check with my wedmate to see if he is going to be home for the kids.
by mizzbatz October 15, 2007
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In the wake of the recent legalization of LGBT marriage in the U.S. , this gender-neutral noun refers to a person about to get married very soon or recently did so, for either LGBTQ or straight people. (synonyms: bride, groom).
For this rehearsal, I need the wedmates to go stand right in front of the minister and hold hands.

Yes, I am getting married next week...may I introduce you to my wedmate, Terry?

Congratulations to our new wedmates!
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by Margo S. April 20, 2016
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