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A word used in reference to either a desirable person, or the actions used to 'obtain' this desirable person.

The term 'wease' can be expanded into comparatives of the standard of the 'wease'.
'Wow! Camilla Clarke is a top wease'

'I've been noticing Michael's wease with Camilla is not successful'
by Ron 'ginger' Weasely May 19, 2007
(pronounced wheeze)

-to weasel out of a situation.
-to avoid taking fault for any action.

-a weasel in a situation.
-a person that has avoided taking blame or fault for something (usually bad) that they've done.

see: weasel
Look at him, he's trying to wease himself out of having to pay.

Ryan just left without helping us clean, what a fucking wease.
by B. Roo January 14, 2014
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