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Hiding an erection with pillows (or any other object), while sitting down.

This term comes from a scene in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, when Mr. Weasely is talking to Hermione. Through that entire scene he is constantly holding a pillow over his crotch.

This term is not to be confused with Sporting a Weasely, although they are similar.
Man, I totally had an erection the entire time I was talking to Sally.

Wow, what did she say about that?

Nothing, I luckily was Pulling a Weasely the whole time. She never got to see what I was hiding.
by Morik June 12, 2010
Having an erection while wearing pants, yet it is clear that they are erect.
Not to be confused with "Pulling a Weasely", yet it is still similar.
Did you see Ron's dad?
No, why?
He's totally Sporting a Weasely while talking to that woman.
by Morik June 12, 2010

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