This is when your fingering a girl. Once you have worked yourself in there with a few fingers. Then you go for it with brute force and shove your fist in there. Make sure this is not in the dark you dont want a fistful of blood!

Side effects can be but not limited to hearing loss, crazyness, starvation among others.
Hey man did you end up weaseling her last night?
by Sealing December 10, 2011
Top Definition
Being extra cute to get out of your boyfriend/girlfriend being mad at you.

Doing things like saying "I love you" or trying to kiss them right after you say/do something that frustrates them.
her: You're such an idiot sometimes.
him: Thanks =/
her: Awwh, I'm sorry baby. I love you.
him: You're weaseling again.
by grr[face] July 15, 2008
The act of aggressively inhaling with the nose against someone's groin.
My wife loves a good weaseling
Weasel me Jesus!
by Sniffer17 April 09, 2014
When a dog stands on his hind legs and peers over a chair arm or across the table at something. The effect is of a weasel popping up to look at you.
Nosey was weaseling. She stood on her hind legs and looking over the side of the recliner quickly to see if there was any food in it that she could quickly grab.

Also, when Nosey was playing in the deep snow, she would stop and weasel around to see where she was,and then continue on with her snooping.
This is a non sexual definition.
by mageepet September 10, 2012
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