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Large protruding breasts which are used by women to get their way
I tried to be strong then she flashed me her weapons of mass deception
by Barny July 09, 2003
31 7

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george w. bush
Weapons that dumbfuckers like George W. Bush think other countries have.
There were no WMDs in Iraq so leave the Iraqis alone for God's sake!
by Anonymous July 07, 2003
10 4
An item created to fool people into believing something.
The dossier on Iraq was a weapon of mass deception.
by George W. Bush July 09, 2003
7 2
1. what a government/international corporation uses to entice the population of a country/the world into making stupid decisions on politics/economics/society/ice-cream flavours etc.
"Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction" - British and American Governments (An Example of a Weapon of Mass Deception)
by winker July 08, 2003
4 1
a.k.a propaganda,is used to confuse and trick a sum of people into beleiving whoever is spewing propaganda,is how america hides its true colors,george bush's favorite pass time..
do not listen to bush's weapons of mass deception,its fake,why the hell is all of my country listening to him,hes destroying us all,cut that shit out!save america!impeach bush!
by alex July 07, 2003
6 3
Imaginary weapons used to distract people from the truth.
Bush's weapons of mass deception are killing innocent civilians.
by g July 08, 2003
4 2
What a liberal has at his disposal.
by unknown July 08, 2003
5 7