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Large protruding breasts which are used by women to get their way
I tried to be strong then she flashed me her weapons of mass deception
by Barny July 09, 2003
An arbitrary unit of measurement used to define the twistability of a womens nipples
Suzy has the best fun bags... and man, her nipples are 10 torsion.
by Barny July 09, 2003
A generic term used to describe an idiotic act or fuck up
(After doing something down)... man, did I ever brown out that night! Or... THat was totally brown!
by Barny July 09, 2003
a dirty townie or scally, they tuck there jeans or shell suit bottoms in there socks and wear what they call bling bling (i call it fucking shite). Abreed of human that would gladly sell trhere own geandmother for smack, and they are that tight they would sooner peal an orange in there pocket than share, i hate them the cockknockers.
Street Chicken= town or sacally e.g scum.
by barny May 06, 2004
A wet, mucousy streak left in a womens underwear after a hot sweaty day (the stage before it turns to panty crust)
Val had a nasty snail trail in her panties today....hahaha
by Barny July 09, 2003
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