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Is used describe someone with a substantial amount of money.
Wealthy, rich, lap of luxury, easy street, has it easy. Person is usually dressed in designer clothes.
Look at that nigga over there wit the prada he wealthy ballin flossin
by bosworth February 25, 2005
278 26
Description of wealthy; Wealthy can have many meanings, you can be wealthy in many ways, mind, body, spirit or material possessions

if youve loved and been loved back you are truly wealthy
as far as material possessions, usually the guy next door with a fat bank account, drives a BMW, drinks huge quantities of Starbucks and has it easy
The guy next door just bought a BMW. We dont know what the hell hes doing but he must be making money.

The guy just bought a mansion, hes wealthy
by Crawforde September 12, 2006
351 34
A person who possesses great material wealth. Someone with great expendable income, no financial worries and lives a comfortable life.
The millionare is wealthy.
by slev- May 01, 2008
100 12
when something is awesomely amazing. When something is cool.
Oh shit that car is wealthy son!
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
107 21
See also rich.

When someone has a substantial amount of money, they are described as wealthy. The top half of income earners in the USA (the wealthy) pay 95% of the taxes (according to IRS reports), yet people get mad when people who pay taxes get a tax cut and people who don't pay taxes don't.
He is wealthy, therefore he should pay for everything, and I should pay for nothing.

Man I'm glad I'm not wealthy, those dudes get screwed royally.
by boohiss March 05, 2004
99 81
In the year 2005 someone with a net worth of $5 million U.S is wealthy
i wish i was wealthy i would buy lots of poon
by JENNY JAMES September 30, 2005
19 170