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when something is awesomely amazing. When something is cool.
Oh shit that car is wealthy son!
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
a gorgeous girl that is smart and sweet and would do anything for her friends
That guy is going out with a real berly, what a lucky bitch.
by vafabwhtgrl October 14, 2006
when something isn't very cool. when something is lame.
Yo son the way he treated that girl was straight poverty son.
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
very lame. the lametest of lame. below poverty and the total opposite of wealthy.
Yo did you see where that kid stays at that shit is straight ethiopian son! he should be lucky to date that poverty girl.
by vafabwhtgrl December 31, 2007
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