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A superstar 4 sure! greatest athlete ever known to have a 55 inch plus vertical leap hes a freak of nature just like jordan hes going bald at an early age lol

vince had a great year with new jersy averaging about 27ppg he started 2004-05 season with toranto where he was averaging 14ppg he demanded a trade and showed us all what a telent he is on the right team
Man you can jump like vince carter your only 5-8 ! and dunking like that ?
by JENNY JAMES September 27, 2005
Cut a deal with serious for $500 million! in 5 years thats $100 million a year for a radio dj who sits there n bs's all day this guy is the smartest jew ive ever met
Damn that fool has a nose like howard stern to bad he dont got a bank account like his ugly ass
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
A type of girl who is worshiped by men all across the world better known as ishdar/paris/isis the love god whore
nothing makes a man more happy then meeting a slut who has great oral skills
paris hilton should be the love godess of our country and everyone should worship her
all my girlfriends have been sluts
by JENNY JAMES September 30, 2005
Started out in the hip hopp music business at age 19 and today at age 35 hes worth $500 million!!!!!!!!!

black genius

a god to all blacks
Damn that foo is sean combs
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
Net worth $2.6 billion thats 2,600 millions of U.S$

he inherited about $300 million from his dad Fred Trump a real estate guy and built up that fortune

when you think of $ in the US Donald Trump comes to mind not bill gates

if you want to drive trump crazy just call him a millionaire he hates it
Who does he think he is buying a Rolls royce donald trump or something?
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
In the year 2005 someone with a net worth of $5 million U.S is wealthy
i wish i was wealthy i would buy lots of poon
by JENNY JAMES September 30, 2005
Dark Little 5 feet tall indian men from latin america who think they are good in bed , most of the women they get are fat and ugly but that is sexy by latin standards

these men will have sex with farm animals they are so desperate and barberic
Look at that fool he thinks hes a latin lover cuz hes with that fat bitch
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
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