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1:Being completly horrible at anything and everything you do.
2:Able to be defeated by a girl
3:Lack of knowledge when it comes to fighting
4:Living with you mother
5:Specifically Russ Hightower
" You are seriously weak sauce"
" I cant be seen with a weak sauce like you"
by Beairsto May 23, 2007
weak sauce some one that is weak or is showing weak actions that dont favour in who asks the question.

refers to when you get pasta and have weak sauce the pasta normaly sucks.
eric. dave come out tonight man

dave. nah man i gota work early

eric. weak sauce dude

by Matson May 13, 2007
Informing someone that their bodily fluids are inferior to the default human standard.
No, we do not want to ball with your weak sauce self. Your sauce is weak, son, get over it.
by word2k9 July 09, 2009
1. (Adj) Used to describe a very crappy/weak person, place or thing. It can even describe an idea.

2. (N) Mustard
Do you like the show "The BoonDocks"?

Pshh...That show is weak sauce.
by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
something that sucks; something somebody did that sucks; and so on
"did you see smoking aces yet?" "yeah its weak sauce"
by joe the toe April 24, 2007
Pathetic or lame, weak effort.
He didn't even try. That was weak sauce
by dustinsmith November 16, 2005
Reffering to something that is done easily or without much effort. This term can also be used to describe someone who is far less superior than the person who uses this statement.
Yeah dude, I was benching like 350 today. I put it up 12 times. Shit was Weak Sauce.


I pancaked that tool in the football game yesterday. He's weak sauce.
by John Masini February 29, 2008