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The game played by fellow Walmart shoppers. Its like traditional Bingo but instead of letters or numbers you use the bizzare oddities of nature and trailer parks that can only be discovered within the confines of your local Walmart.
You're walking through Walmart aisles and suddenly you spot a rare treasure. A father and son with matching mullets and nascar shirts. You yell "Walmart Bingo!"
#mullet mayhem #redneck roulette #arkansas normal #bizzare #double-take
by Muerte de Mujer February 03, 2010
A phrase used to describe a situation that is really stupid or inconvenient. A way to express ones passionate disapproval of a person/place/thing/situation that in a nut shell, SUCKS
Let's pretend for a moment that your are playing a video game. Modern Warfare, WOW, Sims or what have you. You're doing REALLY well when you usually SUCK. And then, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, your computer freezes causing you to lose ALL progress made leaving you at square one. This my friends is what we call, Weak Sauce!
#lame sauce #stupid #sucky #irritating #ultra gay
by Muerte de Mujer February 03, 2010
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