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A woman's way of addressing an issue with her boyfriend/husband generally resulting in the boyfriend/husband first breaking out into a sweat/rash/hives and then being severly punished (dumped) for whatever they did wrong
After Mike called Sandy a whore at the opera, Sandy told Mike "we need to talk"
by Dyanna September 21, 2003
14 4
The four most dreaded words known to man, whether they be spoken by a significant other, boss, roommate, parent, friend, etc. Usually means you fucked up big time and are about to be dumped, fired, kicked out, disciplined, or at least threatened with some form of punishment or formal rejection. Known to be a leading cause of mini-heart attacks and paranoia.
We need to talk.

Oh shit, what did I do?
by rtv0587 April 22, 2011
11 3
What a person says when he has something to discuss.
Boy: We need to talk.
Girl: ...
Boy: We need a new shower head.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
18 10
your screwed your girlfriend is leavin you
heyy baby we need to talk
by taken0prisioners September 20, 2003
11 3
If these words come out of ANYONE'S mouth your pretty much fucked. Parents,naggy-ass wives, just nags. THINK FAST, or just run for your damn life, and pray to god he/she dont find you!
Mother: "we need to talk...."
Child: -thought 'aw fuck'
by The bitch muffin February 18, 2011
8 1
Girl language for "I'm about to smash your heart to tiny pieces"
The best thing to do in this situation is cry. Crying shows sensitivity. Tell her you've never been happier with a woman and beg her not to break your heart. Most of the time, YOU are the victim. Be very careful though, it could be something small.
Annie: We need to talk.
Josh: What's wrong?
Annie: I might have feelings for someone else.
Josh: This really hurts. Please don't break my heart, I can't take it.
Annie: We're only taking a short break, I care about you and I don't want to hurt you.
Josh: *Choking up* You know I've never been happier with a woman. Please don't ruin this for me.
Annie: It's only a break, I just need time to figure out my feelings.
Josh: *Softly sobbing*
Annie: Please don't cry
Josh: I can't help it at this point, I'm so scared of having my heart broken again
Annie, a few days later: I love you. Let's be together
by MusicalDeity August 18, 2010
10 3
The 4 most fatal words to a relationship.
(usually said by the "Female Companion")
If you hear her say these words dump her fast!
WARNING: She may not want to break up so be careful.
Female Companion: "We need to talk"
Guy: thinks to himself "Shit!"
by keithian irby September 21, 2005
13 7