I'm gonna drop you like a sack of potatoes.
Guy: "Ummm, hi Sallie, I really like you."

Sallie: "We need to talk!"
by D M February 10, 2004
only way to save face after having this statement directed toward you is to fall to the ground and fake a seizure, anurism, or massive myocardial infarction (heart attack).
by jefbenet November 06, 2003
If these words come out of ANYONE'S mouth your pretty much fucked. Parents,naggy-ass wives, just nags. THINK FAST, or just run for your damn life, and pray to god he/she dont find you!
Mother: "we need to talk...."
Child: -thought 'aw fuck'
by The bitch muffin February 18, 2011
What a person says when he has something to discuss.
Boy: We need to talk.
Girl: ...
Boy: We need a new shower head.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
your screwed your girlfriend is leavin you
heyy baby we need to talk
by taken0prisioners September 20, 2003
A time to have a heart attack, lay down and die. Especially when a guy says it.
Guy: Baby, we need to talk
Girl: Um..ok?
Guy: It's not working out
Girl: *has a heart attack & dies*
by Mami February 14, 2004
Things have suddenly gone south!!!
Fat chick: We need to talk.
Redneck:I'll pack your bags for you, whore.
by Snazzy McSnazz April 24, 2004

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