1. Your girlfriend wants to break up with you
2. Your parents found your stash.
1. We need to talk. I hate you.
2. We need to talk. I found this in your dresser.
by ghjgh May 21, 2004
Translation: You need a lawyer.
Honey, we need to talk.
by Tim Amlung January 23, 2004
The phrase that proves your girlfriend has a tampon shoved too far up the wrong hole.
"We need to talk"
"No you need to talk, I'll just pretend I'm listening"
by SSDK May 18, 2004
What she says.

He hears: "Fuck off and die."

He thinks: "I guess this means no blowjob tonight."
She: "We need to talk."

He: "I guess this means no blowjob tonight."
by tman April 08, 2004
1) The preamble to a serious conversation.
2) The preamble to the discussion that is generally followed by the ending of a relationship. See also death.
Bernadine: Howard, we need to talk.
Howard: Oh shit.
by Reverend Chaos January 13, 2004
The four words in a relationship nobody wants to hear.
He said, We need to talk and I thought Oh damn!
by DizzyLizzy January 09, 2007
Datespeak for "I'm breaking up with you."
"Honey... We need to talk."
by Kurumi September 21, 2003

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