an alternate to w3rd (word)

the more "a"s you add the more it means
"This sucks!"
by Digital Wang April 13, 2003
A word added on to the end of either "yeah" or "no" to make it very so or not very so.
"Would you fuck Sarah if you got the chance?"
"Yeah way!"

"Eric says he got a 96 on the Biology test."
"No way! Eric is as dumb as a rock."
by Janis March 16, 2005
when your mad wasted
yo gangstar you must be mad way thats so steezy
by l tug December 18, 2005
whoa and hey combined to make a nonsensical usage of annoyance

some high idiot i hang out with
when you see some one and want their attention yell at the top of your lungs WAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!
by jeramy cooper October 21, 2004
when some one has a stupid remark; i.e. short form for anyways
"That party was killer, i fucked the shit out of her"
by amanda death April 22, 2006
An amazingly talented pair of brothers that were once in a band called 'My Cemical Romance'

(Gerard Way & Mikey Way)
Aren't the Way's so talented
by MikeyFuckinWay October 20, 2015

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