a witty response to the commonly uttered phrase "no way"
* as seen in the blockbuster movies Wayne's World parts 1 & 2
You: Dude, I won $100 in the lottery
Your Friend: No Way!!
You: Way!!
by Amazing Larry December 04, 2003
A Way is someone you would sleep with in preference to eating a Submarine sandwich.

From the game "Sub or Way" where you make a snap decision whether you would rather sleep with someone or eat a sandwich.

If you would rather not sleep with them then they are a Sub
For Example: When viewing three people "Way, Sub, Way" from left to right (obviously)
by Mr Wei November 28, 2006
Way: Where Are you

Used for quick chatting in games.

Created back in 1995, when a few of my buddies and i played "The Realm Online" Where you only have a few second to tell the game what you want to do in a battle or it skipped your turn..
Player #1: way.
Player #2: Ironforge.
by arottenmind August 28, 2006
Another slang term for the word Yes
"You wanna go out tonight?"
by GGROBBIe September 20, 2006
1:More, extra or really

The more "a"s you add the better it is
"Unreal Tournament 2003 is waaaaay diesel"

by Digital Wang April 13, 2003
"Way too much"- too much of something
You said this way too much
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
a word used in triumph, or wen very happy, or excitted about something! its just a great exclamation reely!
'guess wat, he asked me out!'
by Phil Doran October 03, 2005
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