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To bring to a specific state by drinking alcoholic liquors, or other drugs.
"Man, i just pissed all over the toilet seat, i'm so fucking wasted."
by macka March 06, 2003
to wake up in the chicks bed the next morning not knowing why your pants are off.
"woah, i must have been some new kind of wasted last night."
by morgie orgy March 05, 2009
To have a great hankering for ice cream.
I want to get chocolate wasted!
by BlitzKomet November 26, 2011
Getting drunk, stoned or high.
I am so wasted.
You're wasted!
Pure wasted.
I'm going to get wasted tonight.
by -fxckface June 09, 2011
Getting completely drunk and not remembering anything.
Last night I got wasted and cant remember it.
by mexicain taco May 29, 2014
Slang for getting intoxicated through the use of alcohol, marijuana or the sort


Slang for get shot to death or murdered.
Jim: Why isn't John at school today?
Tim: You didn't hear he got wasted yesterday.
Jim: Awesome so typical of John.
Tim: How is that awesome when one of our classmates died.
Jim: Huh?
Tim: He got wasted as in he got shot to death.
Jim: Wait doesn't wasted mean drinking a shitload of alcohol until your drunk?
Tim: This is confusing, who the fuck gave this word two completely different meanings!!!!!!!!!
by phiyuku April 20, 2010
A state in which one has a "hankerin'" for Ice Cream
I wanna' get chocolate wasted!
by Westin Gavin June 02, 2011
1.What happens when you do drugs or alcohol
2.What it says when you die in gta
1.I'm so wasted
3.He got wasted
4.Looks like i'm wasted here now
by Elliot c July 10, 2008