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someone who is a complete shitbag and doesnt deserve to share the same air as normal people
That kid is a freaking waste of life
by mark March 29, 2004
An aging old geek who sits in his moms basement all day and jerks around on the internet. A Sad sorry bitter specimen of a human being whos angry at the world and hates himself. Also a government cheese eating moocher piece of shit who cant pull his own weight or contribute to society. Lives a meaningless miserable devoid life.
That Mike Rehmeyer sure is a waste of life.
by Lmao.. February 04, 2008
Someone who just plain sucks at life and doesn't deserve to live
"wow Christian is a waste of life"

"Yea he is, and so is his friend Mike"
by MuffinZ_TEH_hottest July 10, 2008
1. One whose life is stagnant.
Dude, do something and stop being a waste of life!
by theunknowngl October 16, 2004
a person who doesnt deserve to lifee
shut up u waste of life
by Irakli_n August 29, 2005

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