1980s heavy metal act. Stands for...

"Fuck Like A Beast" is my favorite W.A.S.P. song.
by Labrador May 13, 2004
World Aquanaut Security Patrol.

See "Stingray" Troy tempest and his 'oppo; Phones. Oh yes don't forget the DUMB blonde Marina.
"Anything can happen in the next half hour" boomdiddyboom boomdiddyboom - repeat at will!
by picker June 21, 2004
Washington State Patrolman
"I got pulled over by this WASP, and he gave me a ticket."
by Colorbolt August 18, 2005
My daughter will use butter only in cooking, shops at department stores, buys only jewelry at the best places, and is uncomfortable around people that are not like her.
by L. Sharonafich December 31, 2003
White American Saxon Princess
The WASP went to the country club everyday and only wore Ralph Lauren.
by None November 04, 2003
Weak Ass Sales Person

a salesperson who cannot achieve a sale,even if the customer needed the product to live.
Bryan was considered a W.A.S.P. when he couldn't
close a car deal.
by ingrownhair February 27, 2006
Stands for White Average Size Penis. It's nothing to phone home about but is adequate in getting the job done. Individuals with one typically have no problem with eating box.
Man Kelly is hot. I'd give anything to sting her with the WASP.
by Wombatf18 August 14, 2016
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