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1. White Asian halfbreed (can be noun or adjective)

2. White kid who tries to be rice rocket type asian (as opposed to Otaku)
1. At first I thought he was straight white, but turns out he's wasian.

2. Look at the size of that exhaust pipe. That dude must be wasian.
by Jon Wong March 16, 2005
A wasian is someone who has one white parent and one asian (oriental) parent.
I Andrew Lee am a wasian due to the fact that my father is asian and my mother is white.
by andrew li / wasian ninja May 01, 2006
someone who is white and asian.
That is what hot wasian.
by Tink Says Boo July 14, 2005
50% white
50% asian
100% awesome
Kevin Houston is the coolest wasian
by vanillaicexoxo December 24, 2012
Wasian- n. "way-sh'jun" 1.) referring to a person with caucasian-asian mixed heritage
Look how gifted that wasian is; he has the European ethno-culturo upper hand, as well as the advantageous minority card!
by Justinianwashere August 09, 2005
a person of white and asian descent

pronounced; woz-e-em
"wow frank look at that wasian"
by one swag bitch January 31, 2014
wow dude i dont appreciate this shit im halfe white half asain.
by cooper August 06, 2003