a white asian. like wigger is to nigger
"wa-up my wasian brova!?"
by ezwin August 17, 2005
White people who act Asian (Boy I see alot of those at my school) They are usually males, they watch Anime, they are ethnically confused sometimes and they drive low-riding "riced-up" honda civics (those things annoy the hell out of me), they eat Ramen, Pocky, choco-pies, and Pho and sometimes they even do bad things like worship Mao Tse-Tung and Ho-Chi-Minh (Commie Bastards) and dress up as Anime characters (eww). I don't hate Wasians, but they sometimes annoy me with their Neo-Maoist beliefs.
I knew a Caucasian friend named Michael, and after he ate pho, joined Asian club and bought a damned Low-rider civic with a little spoiler on it he changed his name to Quan Chi and wore a Mao T-shirt with Chinese print that supports Communistic (moreso Socialistic-Dictatorship) ideals.
by The Harmeister April 21, 2005
Like wigger its basically a white perosn triyng to be asian
Did you see that guy he died his hair black and wears all this jap crap. Yo he must be wasian.
by Chaz March 15, 2004
a wannabe wasian; one who would like to be asian but has no true samurai ability.
god what a wasian
by samson January 21, 2004
An individual who is so fascinated by the Japanese culture he thinks he is japanese when he is white. Walks around with Samurai "way of the warrior books" listens to japanese pop music in excess, and says we one world war II dishonerably. Most wasian have never actually met a japanese person are they probably would have been beaten up.
Melanthex: Hey, put down your "Samurai book" and turn get a life so I can kick your ass!

wasian: you must be racist you do not have warrior spirit

Melanthex: I dont have a problem with japanese people I just hate you

by melanthex March 30, 2005
A wild Asian
"She would defiantely be a wasian"
by KT August 18, 2003
a white boy that wants to be of the asian persuasion
a white boy saying "yo im am teh amazin azn"
by Jessie "teh p3n" bambito August 18, 2005

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