Someone who has the same cars and listens to the same music that Asians do. a poser
He's such a wasian with that muffler and the techno music blaring.
by anti-wasian February 24, 2005
Alternatively, 'Wasian' is reflective of today's postmodern British society. Referes to white or wannabe Asian who is accepted by Asian counterparts due to similar behavioural styles and language adoption
The Wasian was last seen dancing to Bhangra Hip Hop at Bombay Bronx, using phrases such as 'innit', 'is it' and 'them's the breaks'
by Shilpa J Patel June 02, 2005
An asian who acts like a "White person."
"Tina, you look so asian, but you act so white. You're such a Wasian"
by Pauli April 30, 2004
White person who acts annoyingly asian.
Jon Black, for the sake of mankind, stop being a wasian.
by Jess2Q4U June 06, 2003
A white person who acts like they are aisian. This term comes from the word wigger. A wasian could enjoy pokemon & rush home on their bike to do homework.
( a girl orders the aisian salad at McDonalds)
by raeeeee April 30, 2006
two words:
Krista Collin
Krista is a wasian! For sure for sure!
by KristaCollin October 13, 2004
See Wapanese.
Basically it's a white kid who tries in vain to be more "Asian", but only ends up being the laughingstock of the Asians he desperately tries to imitate.
The Wasian tried to learn Japanese and was seen trying to eat Burger King fries with chopsticks.
by hahaa November 03, 2003

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