someone consisting of both Asian(oriental) and white (European)decent. wasian's have one white and one asian parent. wasians are the hybrids of the world and have many skills and talents.
my father was born in china and my mother born in Canada, making me wasian.
by andrew li, the wasian ninja May 06, 2007
1. White Asian halfbreed (can be noun or adjective)

2. White kid who tries to be rice rocket type asian (as opposed to Otaku)
1. At first I thought he was straight white, but turns out he's wasian.

2. Look at the size of that exhaust pipe. That dude must be wasian.
by Jon Wong March 16, 2005
A person of mixed white and asian decent. Usually a military brat from South Korea or Japan. (i.e. White Father, Asian Mother)

Have you seen the new wasian from overseas? Typical Airforce brat out of Seoul!
by Dr. Skillz December 21, 2005
A pejorative term for a caucasian person ("white" person) who mimicks language, dress and mannerisms of asain ghetto people
stupid wasians. y cant they just act white?
by h@t3 d3m w@!$!@n$ December 24, 2002
Leslie Panek "P
by Anonymous May 25, 2003
Offensive reference to someone who is Half-White/Half-Asian.
by Joshiro007 February 21, 2003
a mix of white and azn or wannabe asian
white boy drivin a rice rocket who thinks he's azn, but he just a dumbass wasian tryin to be cool
by Ching July 03, 2003

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