a individual that is high in rank. Has all the respect of his/her fellow people.
"Yo wardy got his head check and don't need to earn respect"
by colin November 18, 2003
Top Definition
A term originating in uptown New Orleans that, roots are in the sectioning of the city. New Orleans is sectioned in to wards and eventually this term wardy was used in referents to one who lives in a ward. But the span of the word has grown to include any and all people. It most used as a term of endearment to others or are just a way of addressing someone.
1)what's up wardy
2)wardy what you get in to
3)wardy I know you an't fucking playing with me
by black October 13, 2004
A person who lives inside your "Ward" boundaries, and/or attends the same "Ward" as you.

A reference to people who belong to the Mormon church. Each "Ward" is an appendage of what is called a Stake.
MOM: "John, why don't you ask out Sharon, she's a nice girl?"
JOHN: "Mom, I can't date her. She's a wardy."
by chellebelle26 June 22, 2009
When a single testicle pops out of ones trousers with no apparent cause. Often caused by a lack of sex which produces large, long balls which put too much pressure on ones trousers.
Steve Waring had his leg up on the desk and he did a Wardy.
by Professor pumpernickel November 04, 2009
1)to shove as many fingers into the anus as possible while reading harry potter to ure loved one.

2) to have a good long stroke after a hard day looking at internet porn.

3) a man ofter seen with many bitches following. ofter throwing money at him for his survices.
i might sit at home in front of the fire and have a nice wardy tonight.
by awardylover May 27, 2010
filthy and depraved individual, particularly one who revels in his filthiness. ugh.
"good heavens, mr murty, you're behaving like such a wardy"
by sweet george September 03, 2003
A gay man with a penis that smells like cheese
mr wardle "i am gay, my penis smells like cheese andi got pushed over in a portaloo
by tom james December 31, 2004
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