1. Being sexually deprived because your spouse, boyfriend, fiance, ect has to be apart of all of it.

2.A "peace" keeping effort tried by Bush, but American soldiers are dieing and where the fuck is Bin Laden?
Why do you seem so sad today?
Because my boyfriend is gone for a year and all you're doing is complaining you haven't seen yours in 2 days.
by trippy_pixi_stick April 22, 2005
The war that apparently shouldn't be happening because apparently foreign countries have the right to kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians in an attack without the attacked country responding. As screwed up as the world is today, it shouldn't surprise anyone.
John: "Man, I remember where I was on 9/11, it was terrible. I'm glad we sent troops to prevent it from happening again."

Bill:"You're fucking crazy! There should be no war on terror, just let it happen to America and other nations. The terrorists are just expressing their opinion. So what if we all die!?"
by MeatBloodMan November 03, 2010
The global conflict between radical Islam and Western democratic countries. Takes the form of intelligence gathering, police action, propaganda, terrorist attacks, diplomacy and military action.

After groups like Al Qaeda declared war on America in the 90s, they followed up with several attacks on US interests abroad and 9/11 at home. This lead to a more aggressive stance by the US and its allies.
While some people like to claim that there's no "war on terror"...there actually is and it is very real.
by YankeeRebelSon September 30, 2007
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