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When it's art, you call it a film. When it's mainstream garbage, it's called a movie.
FILMS: "Nosferatu", "Triumph Of The Will", "Citizen Kane", "Annie Hall", "Raging Bull", "The Weather Underground" and "Elephant"
MOVIES: "Fast and The Furious", "Titanic", "Spiderman", "You Got Served", and "Biker Boyz"
by jpj May 02, 2004
The definition of sexy. Nice lips, breasts, eyes, face and a very sexy monotone voice.
She's perfect.
by jpj June 17, 2004

Notorious BIG
Snoop Dogg
Mos Def
Talib Kweli

Wu Tang Clan
Beastie Boys
Public Enemy
The Roots
Dead Prez
Without a gun and a badge what do ya got? A sucka in a uniform waitin' to get shot!
-EASY E from NWA-
by jpj May 13, 2004
A type of Punk Rock in which the lyrics are about anarchism and political activism.
Crucifix, Nausea, Chumbawumba, Crass
by jpj February 02, 2004
UK82 is the second wave of british punk, UK77 was the first. 77 was more popular, because it was the beginning of a new genre of music. By the end of the 77 movement most "punks" "grew out of" punk rock music. UK82 is harder, faster, somewhat darker and the fashion was better too.
Varukers, Court Martial, Crux, Broken Bones.
by jpj May 13, 2004
Jason Kidd looks white but he is actually half black, half white. His father is black and his mother is white. He used to play for the Phoenix Suns, now he plays for the New Jersey Nets.
I don't even like sports.
by jpj March 25, 2004
Having old political and social views. Being ultraconservative. Reactionaries like to reminisce about the good old days when slavery, sexism, racism and cruel/unusal punishment were prominent.
Reactionaries biggest fear:
When straight white men no longer rule the U.S.
by jpj June 11, 2004

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