One of US policitcs' most powerful tools for distracting citizens from the problems in their own country, with the added bonus of a massive economic boost and the spoils of victory (if the war ever ends). Find some evidence that something is happening in another country that you don't like (or make it up, if you have the balls/ignorance), then send in a massive invasion force with little planning and watch the inevitable shit-storm. If you lucky, your war could go on for years, where not too many people die; just enough for people to keep arguing over the issue will keeping most of the armed forces relatively safe. And, if you get really luck, you might end up fighting a seemingly endless number of determined guerilla fighters that can be used as an excuse to keep troops there indefinitely, all the while making more and more money from the sale of arms to fund the never ending cycle. Unfortunately, your war will likely end at some point. No matter, after a year of so, simply rinse and repeat.
War in Iraq
Wat in Afghanistan
Vietnam War
by SheepKing October 13, 2010
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the thing that france is very bad at
France tried to fight a war...they lost.
by Wes November 01, 2003
A pretty bitchin' card game played by children.
Jimmy, a king does not beat an ace! I'm telling mom!
by Red Devil Slim April 08, 2004
does not determine who is right, but who is left.
war in iraq, the only thing that makes CNN worth watching.
by sid33 March 09, 2005
An organized, violent conflict between two or more large groups of individuals, countries, societies, factions, tribes, etc. War has been waged by humans since time immemorial, first with rocks and sticks, then with bows and arrows and stone axes, then with progressively more advanced weapons. Wars have generally been fought for land, religion, political and ideological control and control of resources. Today, wars are waged with firearms, bombs, satellites, various forms of artillery mounted on a number of different weapons platforms. The number of weapons during the 20th century also expanded to include chemical, biological, and nuclear arms and each of those has seen limited use during that time period. Only one type of warfare is capable of wiping out the species that spawned it, and that is nuclear. Only this type of war has never been truly fought, outside of the destruction of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. Some of the wars fought during the last 14 years include conflicts in Iraq, Israel, Kashmir, Somalia, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Congo, Colombia, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Lebanon and Liberia. During the 20th century it is estimated that over 127 million people have lost their lives in war.
War will be around so long as humans are around to wage it.
by Ares July 07, 2004
An American Tradition.
American Revolution.
War of 1812.
Civil War.
World War 1.
World War 2.
Korean War.
Gulf War.
War on Terror.
Gulf War pt. 2.
by Dan August 17, 2006
A highly profitable business for the people in power. An excellent excuse to give away taxpayers money to large corporations instead of putting it to use for the betterment of society.

It is a euphemism for terrorism.
War was initially invented as a passtime activity for impotent men, as sort of a substitute for sexual intercourse, but today it has become one of the most profitable businesses.
by Messist September 14, 2010
Large scale battle between two opposing factions. Has existed since the development of tribal social systems before the beginning of recorded human history. Fact of life. Stems from the normal protective/survivalist human nature which emerges in those who are responsible to a cause.
Moog: People over hill stole our mammoth and spears and women! We do war!
by Reverend Chaos January 14, 2004
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