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An honest person who believes that everybody should live in peace and harmony. One who strives for justice and fights against crime and corruption. Some one who believes in clean politics.
Swamy420: I want to be the only crook in the country but these aaptards want to send me to jail.
by Messist November 28, 2013
A highly profitable business for the people in power. An excellent excuse to give away taxpayers money to large corporations instead of putting it to use for the betterment of society.

It is a euphemism for terrorism.
War was initially invented as a passtime activity for impotent men, as sort of a substitute for sexual intercourse, but today it has become one of the most profitable businesses.
by Messist September 14, 2010
A practice whereby one person frangilates another's plimp. He or she gratifies the other party by smucktating them avially.
Why don't you ram it up your pimhole, you fusking cloff prunking shoatbag.
by Messist January 19, 2011
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