Waqas is a person/feeling of superiority. Waqas owns the DFW Metroplex. Waqas is the best thing ever. Waqas is a freakin pimp, Waqas is the king, Waqas is my life, I loveeee Waqaas, Waqasssssss, WAQASSSSSSSSS. Waqas is amazing and he owns everyone. No one fucks with Waqas.

The term can be used in describing anything that is off the hook.
Ali Rizvi (Hookah Pipe): "nigga that bio test was Bakwaas"

Ali Rizvi (Sona Munda): "nawww son, it was Waqas cuz i studied for it"


Ali Rizvi: "that librarian from Alen is fucking hot!"

Ali Rizvi: "no bro she's Waqas"


Ali Rizvi: "u heard the new album by Kanye West?"

Ali Rizvi: "yea it was pretty Waqas"


Ali Rizvi: "who do you think owns the DFW Metroplex, T.O? Mark Cuban? Jerry Jones?"

Ali Rizvi: "hahahaha yea right, Waqas owns all of them, and he owns Plano, Richardson, Allen, Frisco, Mckinney, Lewisville, Carollton, and Dallas...and he owns me and the person reading this"
by Denzel Love November 13, 2008
The 2nd leader of the KnightRyders
Daaaamn Waqas has a pimped out maybach
by John April 02, 2004
The Man With The Big Lulais , Waqas Has The Big Thing , Hes The Boss ,

EastWood Out Here , NW10 , London Boi , You Get Me , Wacky Out Here , Butt Mafia
Yoooo Your Thig Is Like Waqas 's , Theee Biggg Thing
by Waqas Butt May 29, 2014
A cool ass person that loves to play soccer, LOVES rap music and drumming. ;) He from the paki country. He loves making chinchilla calls... His favorite rapper is Drake and lil wayne.
Kevin: Who that fly person over there?

Chinchilla: Oh that's Waqas.

Alex: Damn, I wish i were him... :D
by Waqas324 July 12, 2011
CFO whose Xcomnapny was UFO
Waqas aik aisa banda jissay koi kam naheen aata.
Waqas Chair ka dushman.
Ghanta, Kaddu, ponka
by ponka January 07, 2005
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