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A child, often in elementary school or middle school, who attempts to look tough by emulating a "gangsta" through the wearing baggy clothes and letting their underpants show as a result of their sagging pants, but really has no idea why they really dress the way they do.

Thigs typically spend their spare time executing petty crimes such as vandalism and tagging, yet they have typically not had a really hard day in their lives.

In most cases, they attend schools that offer them a good education, have two parents at home who love them and care for them and who are still married to one another. Thigs usually have to dismiss themselves from the company of their wanna-be gangs because they have be home in time for dinner and to get hugs and kisses goodnight.

Thigs get their name because they have not yet graduated to the term Thug yet.
That Thig is up to no good, better call his Mom so she can send him to bed without dinner.
by jjlovespoker January 12, 2009
When someone is a mixture of being thick and big. Can also refer to a persons ass.
Damn, that girl is thig!!!!!
by Snehal Patel August 28, 2007
Synonymous with ‘sick’
- insane
- ridiculous
- cool as hell
Often used in exclamatory situations; the exclaimer, with this pronunciation, would appear to have a heavy lisp and would emphasize the latter half of the word: replacing the ‘ck’ with a ‘ga’ sound.

The speaker might be trying to say ‘thick’, as well. It’s hard to tell in these situations, but that is why, after all, people with speech impediments are often looked down upon in today’s society.
Geesz, those acrobatic stunths were abtholutely thig!

My goodnesth, its so thig!
by Juice McAllister March 01, 2007
To lick your thumb and stick it in a girls ass while doing her doggy style.
No matter how many girls I thig, they all love it and ask for more!
by the wrEcKless 1 January 12, 2010
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