When you think someone is watching you wank/masturbate.
Mate, last I was having a wanxiety fit, I could have sworn my mum was listening in.
by Adallama February 11, 2009
Top Definition
The inability to masturbate satisfactorily, for fear of getting caught
I was on the vinegar strokes, but the wanxiety was too much;I couldn't bust a nut.
by Mean Machine April 03, 2003
The feeling of spiritual and physical emptiness which follows an intense bout of masturbation.

adj. wanxious
After jerking off for the third time that evening, Paul was overcome by a feeling of deep wanxiety.

Jim had hoped that jerking off would help calm him down, but it just left him feeling more wanxious that ever.
by Wudclat April 07, 2011
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