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when you take a shot of tequila snort salt and squeez lime juice in your eye
give me a tough guy shot, a straw and some visine
#shot #tough guy #shooters #drink #drunk
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
A girl that has made 3 or more brothers from the fraternity alpha chi rho cum
my professor is a crow ho
#ho #ho bag #slut #whore #t-bag
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
the act of dating girls that are entirely to young for you
kris got arrested for pulling a swenson spoon
#pedofile #statuatory #wrong #old #man
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
some clown that thinks he is a wankster
yo yo yo that foo is a stright wankster
#gangster #wiger #clown #tool #white boy
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
A town where jay walking and bike riding without helmets has run rampid. Police have done much in an effort to solve this problem, however when the police where making thier efforts to rid the town of these unthinkable crimes, an rebel bike gang took over the town and started running rampid. This biker gang called themselves the dope heads on mopeds. A rival gang named the "MLP" moved in to the nieghboring town of medford lakes. Ever since medfords dope heads on mopeds started feeling the pressure that the MLP influence had on nieghboring communitys, Medford started living by thier land mark We aren't snobs we are just better than you. The best was yet to come, King CraigK moved into a community near by and all the women had sex with him and the word quickly spread about the size of his dong and more people moved to the area. Medford lakes even became a resort town where desperate house wives would go to escape life for a while and get there bang on.
Medford, NJ has challenged cops
#medford #nj #snobs #bad cops #lbi
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
some one who slowly passes by in a creepy maner
while i was smoking a blunt i saw a creeper role by
#sketch #creep #wierd #blunt #observe
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
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