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Someone that pretends to be a ganster and tries to talk in gangster language and wear ganster clothes when the really don't know anything about being a ganster.
Dexter Yee, that wankster, said, "Fasho, yo, mo' fo'" when trying to impress Nick Honda, the gangster.
by happeekoikoikoi September 19, 2004
A gangster who never prospers or makes money; especially one that fronts.
You got yo' ass in jail AGAIN?! Damn, boy, you a wankster.
by johnson February 18, 2003
some clown that thinks he is a wankster
yo yo yo that foo is a stright wankster
#gangster #wiger #clown #tool #white boy
by ckennedy July 10, 2008
A lame or fake person
Look at that sorry ass wankster.
#fake #person #slang #idiot #donkey's rear end
by Been-native February 26, 2007
punk that thinks hes gangsta
Yo wat up dawg fa shizzle
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
1. someone who masterbates; wanker

2. wanna-be gangster
1. look at the friggen wanskster, what a douche

2. Guy 1: yo yoo fo shizzle
Guy 2 to guy 3: what a wankster
#douche #wank #wanker #wankster #gangster
by Megdalinahagdalina March 21, 2008
As some people have wrote a wankster is not a colour. Any ethic origin can be a wankster. A gangster is someone who doesnt front and lives life with a real G attitiude and doesnt change or back down for noone. A wanster pretends to be gangster with the visual, but dont have the G attitude. They front and think doing things makes them Gangster. Gangsters a attitude, your know a real G through their words.
Sarah Knight - wankster
tony marntiano ( scarfac ) - gangster
the chav speices - wankster
2pac - a true gangster
Orin, Jnet, Cherly, Shane, Sunny, George - Gangsters
by Orin Watson April 03, 2005
British slang. someone who jacks off on regular occasion.
" that wankster sits at home all day and does his stuff"
by deinfuhrer February 28, 2005
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