read 50 cent's interview on the song. its not a real word. it diodnt have any meaning before the song. he just made it up
by Langwij~Master May 27, 2003
A wanksta is anyone who isn't dead or locked up in prison.
by Wanksta May 20, 2003
Someone who pretends to be in the hip-hop crowd but has never killed, stole, raped or hustled crack. All the 13 year old caucasian women want to thrill-fuck a real gangsta. Get out there and sell those rocks!
Y'all wankstaz. Y'all no-rhythm havin' pee-wee herman lookin' mothafuggaz! I gone cum in yo house at night and steal yo TV and sell it for crack. i tired o' suggin dick for 5 dollaz to buy some rocks.
by Mustaf Herod Apyurpupyr May 14, 2003
from the mouf of 50 Cent: "A wanksta is a gangsta that doesn't progress. Someone that just goes through the cycle constantly. Most gangstas' actions are for finances — they're motivated by money, the root of all evil — but how are you gangsta and you're not getting any money? You're going back and forth to jail. And you're telling stories like, yeah I'm gonna get this BMW. And then we see you at the car lot, and you're there looking at the BMW, and you still don't get it."
Ja Rule is the biggest wanksta of all time. He tries to be like 2Pac but he ain't real.
by Sorany (50'z wifey) May 08, 2003
a hoe ass nigga who tryin to be lik william and ryan from da nati
willie m !
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
1. Some one who thinks they gangsta but ain't.
2. Gangsta wannabe
3. NOT a white gangsta, see wigger.
4. NOT pronounced 'Wang-sta', pronounced 'Wank-sta'.
"You say you a gangsta but you never cop nuttin'. We say you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin'" -Wanksta
by 50CentsHoney April 12, 2003
From the ebonic stem *sta, denoting any person (gang-*sta, a person associated with a gang), combined with the prefix w-, denoting either, depending on philological interpretation "white," or "wannabe." The section *ank* is merely a corruption of the end of "gang". Sc., a wanksta is a person who claims to be a gangster, but is not.
"You'se a wanksta, boy! Yo teef is covered wit' aluminum, not gold."
by Dr. E. Aaron Hes, Phil.D. April 03, 2003
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