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Any impromptu piece of cloth used to clean up jizz.
"Dude, don't put that shirt on! I used that as a wanket last night when my girlfriend was over!"
by Dan Patterson January 30, 2007
A snuggie with a hole in the crotch.
I just bought the most comftorable wanket, it allows me to be warm while having sex!
by MEEEEEEE1234567890 January 10, 2011
masterbating in a toilet cubicle
Hey Jim - im going for a wanket
by TheSkullCat August 01, 2014
Wanket is categorised in the same genre as fook, feck or fxck.

It's a "bad" word or "socially unacceptable" word edited so it does not really cause offence, and can also be used to beat Forum Censors.

It essentially means to be a wanker or tosser but in a kinder more friendly way.

It is also a hybrid of the words wank and it. Meaning to masturbate.
1. Whoa, what a right wanket he was!

2. I'm gonna go wanket now. See you later.
by Spammer Saint Cristo February 07, 2006