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An exceedingly irritating way of saying "fuck" on social media. Generally used by ridiculously wannabe hipster white teenage boys because it's what they say in complex magazine or some shit. They spend a large chunk of their money on vinyl records without having anything to play them on.

See also: 'Bxtch'
(on twitter) "how the fxck did I end up buying a Dr Dre vinyl and a new pair of kicks when I only went out to get a frappe?!"

(also on twitter with their obligatory wistful-ass tweet) "Fxck the coachella lineup is so good this year! I want to run away there and never return!!"
by biscuitmuncher22 May 14, 2016
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just a coolerer way to say fuck,
by xCOREE September 03, 2006
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An irritating trend where people who consider themselves, or try painfully, to be "indie" - usually on Instagram or Twitter - prefix their name with "fxck".
Indie person: "Follow me on Twitter and IG: @fxck_indieswag"
by BruhsselSprouts December 20, 2014
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