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1- Yet another term for masturbating

2- The act of masturbation ("wankerbation")

3- A worthless jerk-off ("wankerbator")

4- Speaking, singing, or writing alot without saying anything at all ("verbal, lyrical, or literary wankerbation")
It's time to wankerbate!

It seems that Luke is one with the wankerbation, Emperor.

Get out of my face, you damn wankerbator!

While some may find the works of (insert annoying author here) to be enlightening and insightful, I am quite turned off by the excessive amount of literary wankerbation that this asstard uses to completely dance around anything remotely resembling a point.
by Batrastard April 21, 2003
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To wank it in class, or in a school bathroom.
What John Croden did.
by Cody Longpré October 06, 2004

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