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An endurance wanking event, where by the wankee must complete 260,000 strokes strokes in the fastest time possible. It is a real achievemnt to finish a wankathon, as drop outs are common. Compettors suffer from friction related burns and penile chaff.
It is important that you time your finish and that you don't run out of juice before the end.
So, what is the take home message? Well it's not the cumming first, its the taking shaking of you part that counts.
The London Wankathon
The New York Wankathon
The Olympic Wankathon
by Finesilver January 11, 2005
Timed event, usually done by males, counting the number of times he can ejaculate within a given period.
Jim had 50 sponsors for his 24 hour wankathon, he managed to jack himself off 126 times and raised £400 for charity.
by zygmund July 27, 2003
In its strictest sense, it stands for a marathon masturbation (wanking) event. The Junior Wankathon League (JWL) involves sustained masturbation for at least 26 minutes 2 seconds, while the Intermediate Wankathon League (IWL) involves a period of 26 hours - practically speaking atleast two 26 minute 2 second sessions in two days - and the Professional Wankathon League (PWL) is a period of 26 days - daily masturbation for 26 consecutive days with each session lasting not less than 26 minutes and 2 seconds. Timing is done on good faith. To be accurate, if you have a kitchen count-down timer you may use it. Remember, to wash the timer before you return it to the kicthen. The event is regulated by bodies. Famous bodies include:
- the National Wankathon Association (NWA) in the USA
- the Indian Masturbation Federation (IMF) in India
- Proletariat Wanking Committe (PWC) in China
- Kerala Vanamadi Association (KVA) in the state of Kerala in India
In fact, the IMF and PWC are planning to host the billion-man-wank event in 2010 to showcase the growing clout of Asian masturbators in the global arena.
Santosh has been an extra-ordinary athlete. He mastered the Junior Wankathon at age 5, and progressed to rule the Intermediate League by age 8, and by teenage he used to win at least one Professional Wankathon event every 6 months.
by sgzero July 04, 2007
An extended and rigorous session of masturbation with a duration of not less than 8 hours. Short breaks not exceeding 2 minutes at a stretch are allowed to take care of other personal needs such as bathroom breaks and urgent incoming phone calls. One of the feature points of a wankathon is to control the ejaculation, as otherwise there would not be any wankathon.

Santosh is having an all-night internet chat wankathon.
by Santosh May 21, 2006
An extended, usually corporate, self-congratulatory gathering, as a substitute for doing something for real.
Manager: How can we motivate those programmers to keep working 12 hour days for decreasing pay?

HR Consultant: The most effective way would be to organise a wankathon in a cheap conference centre making out we value their views on agile development and shit like that.

Manager: How cheap?
by Wankauthority September 07, 2011
A recreational wanking event with a sustained duration of 8 hours. The 8 hours is selected based on my personal and extensive experience in the matter. This differs from some of the other definitions which indicate a spirit of competition. It is more about masturbation at ease.
Profit is the reigning champion of the Minnesota Wankathon
by Santosh "Jim Profit" George April 24, 2006
a long session of masterbation usually involving alot of tissues! This could be considered a wrist workout
Mate i just had a MASSIVE wankathon
by Longrod von horny April 25, 2010
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