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In its strictest sense, it stands for a marathon masturbation (wanking) event. The Junior Wankathon League (JWL) involves sustained masturbation for at least 26 minutes 2 seconds, while the Intermediate Wankathon League (IWL) involves a period of 26 hours - practically speaking atleast two 26 minute 2 second sessions in two days - and the Professional Wankathon League (PWL) is a period of 26 days - daily masturbation for 26 consecutive days with each session lasting not less than 26 minutes and 2 seconds. Timing is done on good faith. To be accurate, if you have a kitchen count-down timer you may use it. Remember, to wash the timer before you return it to the kicthen. The event is regulated by bodies. Famous bodies include:
- the National Wankathon Association (NWA) in the USA
- the Indian Masturbation Federation (IMF) in India
- Proletariat Wanking Committe (PWC) in China
- Kerala Vanamadi Association (KVA) in the state of Kerala in India
In fact, the IMF and PWC are planning to host the billion-man-wank event in 2010 to showcase the growing clout of Asian masturbators in the global arena.
Santosh has been an extra-ordinary athlete. He mastered the Junior Wankathon at age 5, and progressed to rule the Intermediate League by age 8, and by teenage he used to win at least one Professional Wankathon event every 6 months.
by sgzero July 04, 2007
To be dismissed, fired, suspended, or severely punished. This is based on cricket coach Bob Woolmer who died in an untimely way during the 2007 World Cup Cricket in the West Indies right after his team was eliminated from the world cup.
Jimmy, if you don't improve your work performance, you will be woolmerized.
by sgzero May 20, 2007

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