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tangy man juice
have a sip of my wangtang
by bobalobadingdong March 05, 2003
A distinct irony taste on the penis derived from a previous snatch which is found while performing fellatio.
I know my mans cheating on me because I tasted wangtang on his penis.
by wutangfu February 07, 2011
Semen... Ejaculate... Cum...
You got wang tang all over my bed sheets.
by Handsome B July 18, 2006
Male version of "poon-tang". Pertaining to that of penis, male genitalia, or sexual encounters with men. One who is in heat, will go on a sexual escapade in hopes of finding male attention.
"Ok ladies, are you ready to take on the wang-tang!"

"I havent had sex in over a month, I need some wang-tang. Mmmmmm."
by 224 November 29, 2006
A term for semen used especially when referring the ejaculate of astronauts.
Anna: Remember that crazy astronaut lady who tried to kill her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend?
Christina: Yeah, I guess she really missed the dude's Wang Tang!
by Dirty S April 07, 2008
juices from your pepe
dude 1: yo i just drank my wang tang

dude 2: "lrl" that's really "tonky" you tonky truck!
by rob c February 02, 2005

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