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15 definitions by rob c

The once friend of Mario. Is the best character to be in Mario Party. Needs to be held up in higher reguard.
Wario is the best nintendo character.
by Rob c October 05, 2003
104 28
6 oz. Coke
1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Kaluha

Tastes like coffee but with a dark nigger flare. Hence the name.
Drink that nigger coffee bitch it's going to fuck you up.
by Rob C October 04, 2006
89 36
The hair around your balls.
I called up my friend Vinny, and said, "Hi, this is Joe, can you braid my ball hair?"
by Rob c October 05, 2003
61 26
To be able to jump high, is very agile veritically. Most commonly used in basketball.
Man, does he have hops!!! Did you see how high he got up to dunk that ball.
by Rob c May 31, 2004
60 35
a bathroom, a toilet, a restroom, a lavatory, John, outhouse.
Man, I have to piss like a race horse. I'm going to the urination station.
by Rob c November 04, 2003
31 12
When someone sneaks into a girls bedroom and throws her panties all around the room. It looks like a battle field as if a war has taken place.
I went into my room and that asshole had panty wars. My panties were all over the place. On the ceiling fan, on my bed, dresser, floor, night stand; that pissed me off.
by Rob c October 05, 2003
22 12
v. to wack off in the world famous pancake house, also known as Perkins
man the pancakes smothered in syrup looked so good, i couldnt resist so i had to start jerkin at perkins
by rob c February 13, 2005
27 20